Colors represent me and my whole world. I always have been in love with bright, radiant and bold colors. They are my only way to convey and communicate my messages without words. I like to believe that I am a solar and happy person and that is why I always say that adding color in someone’s life is the best thing I can do. Fashion, art and beauty represent my idea of perfection. Making clothes for beautiful women is an artwork that blends in perfectly with my other concept of illustrating through drawing and painting. This is how I express myself in the most fulfilling manner.

Fabulous is definitely my color!

I can hardly wait to meet you and chat about my way of beauty!

Love, Aleha
Street: George Călinescu 9
Sector 1, Bucharest, Romania
Phone: +40 722 132 586
E-mail: aleha[at]aleha[dot]ro